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Appendix 4

Abbreviations for linguistic subgroups


Adm Admiralties

Fij Fijian

Mic Nuclear Micronesian

MM Meso-Melanesian

NCal New Caledonia

NCV North/Central Vanuatu

NNG North New Guinea

PAdm Proto Admiralty

PAn Proto Austronesian

PCP Proto Central Pacific

PEMP Proto Eastern Malayo-Polynesian

PEOc Proto Eastern Oceanic

PMP Proto Malayo-Polynesian

Pn Polynesian

PNCV Proto North-Central Vanuatu

PNPn Proto Nuclear Polynesian

POc Proto Oceanic

PPn Proto Polynesian

PT Papuan Tip

PWMP Proto Western Malayo-Polynesian

PWOc Proto Western Oceanic

SES Southeast Solomonic

SV South Vanuatu

WMP Western Malayo-Polynesian 


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