This website is a free e-resource, from the book entitled 'Music, Lapita, and the Problem of Polynesian Origins' by Mervyn McLean. The complete text may be read either online or in paginated form as a downloadable pdf here.




Because the writer is now blind, this book has been necessarily dependent on the help of many people: family, friends, librarians, and others, together with scanning and screen reading computer technology for access to documents. I would like to pay special tribute to my son-in-law Martin Sutton who kept my computer going for years, besides helping in numerous other ways, my son John of 123 Online for hosting this book on the internet, and my wife Anne, for countless hours of finding books, reading and dictating passages to me, and, most recently, painstakingly proof reading the entire MS and manoeuvring me through the text to make the necessary corrections. With deepest gratitude, thank you Anne, and thank you all.

Thanks are also due to the following, who have seen or heard about portions of the text, and have made valuable comments or suggestions: Geoffrey Irwin,   Richard Moyle, Andrew Pawley, and Kevin Salisbury.  The standard disclaimer of course applies that no one is responsible for errors except the author.


Mervyn McLean